Services: Application Development

Application Development

Application DevelopmentAt Sarana Systems, we provide our clients with consistent and state-of-the-art application development solutions for their product ideas be it on Java, .NET or JavaScript. Our team of technical experts, business analysts and consultants work in collaboration with the clients to find and deliver the optimal solution to their queries and business requirements.

We develop application either in :

  • Web Application Development.
  • System Application Development.
  • Custom Application Development.

At Sarana Systems, we ensure that our client requirements and specifications are met in the best possible manner and we create applications that are:

  • Highly flexible and functional and are aligned to meet your business requirements.
  • Extensible and scalable; application development architecture is followed to facilitate "anywhere, anytime" availability with reduced application down times.
  • Subjected to a number of high-level QA checks, throughout the entire application life cycle, thereby ensuring that the end product is able to achieve the targeted results for the business.

All our applications under development go through a series of steps that cover the entire Software Deployment Life Cycle process of development, right from the requirements gathering to support and maintenance. Our transparency in handling of services and activities with our clients enable us in effectively managing the project while ensuring seamless communication with all Stake holders of the product development.

  • Project Initiation the initial and the most important step while developing an application is to gather information and understand the requirements of the client, their business structure and their objectives behind the development. And if there is a product documentation already in place with the clients, our business analysts with the help of Subject Matter Experts study it to determine further time and cost parameters.
  • Our team of technical analysts and consultants carry out functional analyzes, feasibility studies, data flow structures and system architecture plans to develop a scalable and high-performance working prototype of the project.
  • Quality Assurance at Sarana Systems, all projects must undergo quality tests pertaining to internationally accepted practices and QA standards, which are supported by advanced testing tools and technologies.
  • Deployment as the project moves past the development stage, it is deployed on locally hosted servers to determine its stability and usability. Applications are subjected to manual or automated test environments so that it satisfies the pre-defined service requirements.
  • Maintenance & Support at Sarana Systems, we offer scheduled and adaptive maintenance support to our client's applications, ensuring that the applications always remain in the up mode.