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Big Data

Big DataLarge amount of data is being generated by everything around us at all times. Every digital process and social media exchange produces it. Systems, sensors and mobile devices transmit it. Data is arriving from multiple sources at an alarming velocity, volume and variety. To extract meaningful value of data, you need optimal processing power, analytics capabilities and skills. Sarana Systems Big data services enable corporations to plan, develop and implement Big Data applications while leveraging their existing investments in Business intelligence and analytics systems Big Data is a major technology initiative for us, in a large and fast growing market. Businesses today need sound strategies to tackle the challenges that come with the continuous and exponential increase in the volume of data - both structured and unstructured. This massive amount of data, when mined intelligently will uncover tremendous insights that any company can use to gain a competitive advantage Our architecture advisory services will provide you with the required direction in determining which technologies in the Big Data stack will work best for your requirements. This includes defining the architecture, analyzing and proposing appropriate technologies that are pertinent to the business requirements.

Sarana Systems help you achieve your business goals by building a strategic implementation roadmap and also assist in the selection of Big Data vendors that will best address your needs. Our experts will work with your team to provide advice to help ensure success with your Big Data initiative. Our mission is to simplify the complexity of big data analytics and empower everyone to make data-driven decisions. We can assist your data scientists with the technical tools to model, integrate, cleanse, prepare, analyze and visualize your data. Sarana Systems is the one-stop-shop for getting all your data into Hadoop or Spark, analyzing that data, and visualizing your results.