Product: KidzAtSchool


About UsKidzAtSchool is a state of the art School Management Cloud based Software which helps School manage complex functions such as fees, results, attendance, library, homework, project work, timetable, staff, notifications, events, schedules etc. KidzAtSchool is a unique product of its kind that empowers schools to accomplish their goals and enables effective communication and collaboration between parents and schools which helps keep the parents informed about their ward performance, happy and impressed.

KidzAtSchool is secure, flexible, scalable, reliable, robust, easy to use cloud based web application. For schools it provides web and mobile applications consisting of role based features based on a user’s role such as Principal, Admin or teaching staff. For parents, it offers a mobile app as well as a browser based app that provides a comprehensive overview of their children’s activities at school. All the data is in real time, a parent can instantly see whether his/her child is in school now. All the information is accessed securely using Registered mobile number.

KidzAtSchool runs on desktop web browsers & any mobile/smart phone OS The application itself is hosted in the Cloud. Schools are not required to purchase additional hardware or install any expensive software to use it. School principals & staff can start using it from day one using their existing infrastructure. All that they need is an Internet connection.

Place your School into cloud with KidzAtSchool !